Monday, 19 March 2012

The Graveyard of Spookiness

The Graveyard of SPOOKINESS!!

Bones were creaking under the full moon as the wind was whistling late at night,there lived girl named Solo and a boy named John. Solo was as pretty as a supermodel,as beautiful as a flower and as wonderful as Cinderella. John was as handsome as Prince Charming,as bulky as the rock and as brave as he can ever be.They were like besties ever since they were in Primary until now,they were like boyfriend and girlfriend.

But one mysterious night, Solo and John went to the graveyard of Spookiness where people were afraid to go because the graveyard had a curse.The curse was when it’s a full moon,the dead will rise up and munch up all the human beings if they came.But Solo and John weren't frightened and scared,Well Solo was a little.When Solo and John were looking at the graveyards,they heard a peculiar sound and they got terribly scared.Then they heard someone moaning,they got even more scared but it was just the wind.Then something scratched John on his hand. “OUCH!” John screamed.Solo turned back and John was deadly hurt so Solo ripped a piece of her t-shirt and wrapped it around his injured hand.But when it was tied up to John’s hand,he didn’t see any blood so John took it off and it wasn’t even bleeding,what a miracle.

Then it came to a full moon and John started to change into something really scary.Solo screamed really loud that all the neighbours woke up,even her dad.The dad knew that voice,then he clicked,it was his daughter.He quickly got changed and ran outside to hear where the screaming came from.As Solo was screaming,John’s body went hairy and hairy.It was like the thriller movie but in real life.It looked like John was becoming a wolf,a man wolf.As Solo was frightened, she ran into the dark woods.As the moon was full,the dead rose up and smelt the good and tasty blood of Solo.So when they saw John the wolf,they followed him.The zombies looked so ugly and hungry.While Solo was running in the woods,her dad called her name out but Solo didn’t reply so he dad said it really loud and Solo stopped sprinting.She was so relieved then she called back “I’m in the woods”. So her dad scrambled into the woods and he found her crying. Solo told her dad everything that happened and all of the sudden,John the wolf jumped out and was growling.Then the dad pointed out a gun and shot the wolf and it fell straight down.Then John became normal just like other human beings and the zombies couldn't get Solo because it wasn't a full moon anymore,and John woke up.He didn’t even know what happened but Solo told him everything and he started to laugh and they all went home.